Cattle Procurement

Cows at bunk

Magnum has established buyer relationships with reputable firms across the United States to assist with cattle procurement. Because we have the responsibility to procure nearly 40% of the cattle that we feed, these firms and individuals are extremely valuable. This enables us to take advantage of pricing variations from region to region as well as track supply considerations, weather influences, and flesh conditions. As a result of continually trading in the feeder cattle market, Magnum Feedyard will occasionally inventory cattle to offer for resale to customers. Each of these influences contribute great value for those customers utilizing this procurement service.

Located within 40 miles of two major packing facilities with a combined double shift capacity of over 10,000 head, Magnum customers enjoy the distinct advantage of "competition" when their fed cattle are ready for harvest. In addition to the local packers, Magnum has marketed cattle to several out-of-state packers. The staff at Magnum recognizes the need and value in sorting some finished cattle, and the constant strive for marketing programs which obtain greater value for your cattle. We have experience with several of the value based, grid alliance marketing programs and we constantly strive for marketing programs which obtain greater value for your cattle.

Cows at bunk

Feeding Partnerships
Magnum Feedyard has become more involved in feeding partnerships as a vehicle to acquire "new" feeding customers. Because our focus is on providing service, it is not our intention to own a substantial portion of our cattle on feed totals. However, we recognize the increased comfort level of a new customer if the feedyard is a partner. We have worked aggressively with existing customers to create partnership structures in order to accommodate the needs of everyone.


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